Pharrell has basically been infallible for the past 18-24 months and it seems now like his Midas Touch is extending to any other artist who comes into contact with his work. First it was the Russian Police Choir, and now French DJ NEUS, whose remix of Pharrell “Happy” is a best new track.

The man who was born Gaël Guidicelli takes a break from the string of darker remixes he’s been throwing together to add a heavy dose of 70’s funk and disco to one of the best movie soundtrack songs of all time. Seriously, this bit of pop mastery only exists because of Despicable Me 2, which is one of those things that it’s best not to dwell on for too long. NEUS brings a fresh, energetic take on a song that’s already tremendous in its own right. Hear the transformation for yourself below:



Here’s the original, if you’ve somehow managed to miss it for this long.



And just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of “Happy,” here’s our old friend Woodkid chucking this track down an endless tunnel of sorrow.



Our friends over at are offering a free download of Pharrell “Happy (NEUS Remix).” Tell ‘em we sent you. Or don’t. You just do you.

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