Summer is right around the corner and most of us have never needed the healing ways of the sun more-so than right now. Some Vitamin D to lift our spirits up. We know, you’ve been trapped inside for months of rain and gray, dreaming of tropical vacations where we can all dance under the palm trees and ignore our woes for a little while. Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

PNAU’s “Lucky”, featuring Vlossom, is a spaceship right out of your worries. Like they’ve built a dome over Australia (where both these acts are from) and figured out how to lift the entire continent into a flying interdimensional craft, searching the outer realms for a place better than this one. Sure we’re orbiting planets that scientists didn’t even know they didn’t know existed, but we’ve got everything we need right here right now on Spaceship PNAU.

This is a song with that ultimate power.  Close your eyes and picture whatever your paradise is, indie dance icons PNAU (and their featured collaborators Vlossom) have sure captured mine. 



Boy, did I need this dream away from the doldrums. A track filled to the brim with uplifting lyrics (we ARE all okay), heart-warmingly full white noise, and a thumping beat that tells me everything is going to be just fine. Cathartic in a time where most definitely needed a bit of catharsis. It’s a bit disappointing, of course, that “Lucky” wasn't released right in the midst of festival season (like I’m sure it was supposed to be) where we could have literally danced our cares away to it, but that’s what our imaginations are for, right?

Close your lids and open up your mind’s eye, imagine whatever your equivalent of an outer space tropical dance party is.  I’ll be hanging with Gleep and Glorp, smiling from ear to ear on tie-dye beaches, listening to this song on repeat until all of this gray is over in the world.

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