PopKiller Best Songs - Week 34

Ah, It's time again for the Best of PopKiller...BitCandy's weekly dose of the best of pop remixes, mashups, hip hop and more.  Ok so what do we have in store for this week in blogs in music? Oh, just some of the most tasty pop goodness, filtered and handpicked for you so you don't have to go listening to 95% of the crap that's out there.  Haha.  OK, so let's get started..and by the way, despite getting scared shitless watching "Insidious" over the weekend...I am still just a little afraid of the dark so please bare with me.  Let's get to work (and play):
"Bass Like TV" Dev vs The So So Glos. Leave it up to mashup artist, The Hood Internet to deliver us a sophisticated and complete reharmonization of Dev's "Bass Down Low" with total style and smarts.  I mean...it's totally a completely different song...hmm I might even like this better than the original.  

"Feel Tall (prod CJ Luzi)" - On Cue from his September free mixtape.  Great video also for this track here.

"Fly (Leam Keegan Radio Edit) - Nicki Minaj Ft. Rihanna - I'm not sure about this one...Jury is still out with me.  I don't think it's Rihanna or Nicki's best work but hey...Rihanna and Nicki...maybe you just wrote the new theme song for Space Jam 2.

"Good Girls Go Bad (Ft. Drake) - Game 

"Han Son feat Jay-Z" Ghetto Funk Presents Funanomics.  What a knee slapping fun mashup.  Jay Z's "Can I Get A..." mashed up over a mid tempo funk jam.  For a reminder, here's the original classic version.

"In The Dark (It's The DJ Kue Remix) - Dev.  Ahh, now I'm actually starting to really like this song. Dev, have you fired your stylist and video director yet?  WTF!  My 6 yr old niece can do a better make up and style direction.  

"Last Friday Night (Dem Slackers Remix)" - Katy Perry.  Hand it to Katy Perry she's just made history with equaling the mighty Michael Jackson with the most back to back #1 hit smashes.  Let's not forget when Katy Perry was young struggling and God fearing / preaching, singer / songwriter, Katy Hudson.  See that early video here! 

"Never Will Be Mine (R3hab Remix) - Robyn vs Rye Rye.  The Princess of Baltimore jamming it up with the Queen of Sweeden compliments of one of our favorite new remixers, R3hab.

"Pussy, Money, Weed (MartyParty Purple Remix)" - Lil Wayne 

"Rolling In The Deep (Samples VIP Remix)" - Adele.  Just when you thought you'd jump out the window if you heard another remix or mashup someone like Samples VIP brings it and puts a smile on your face. (as a side note, this song is fast becoming 2011's "In For The Kill" on the remix / mashup front!  No more remixes or mashups after this one...Remixers and Mashup artists...step away from the Adele please!)