Porter Robinson Vandalism Remixes


There's a bar in Denver called The 1UP that exist to provide males between 21-35 the chance to have a sort of real life Pleasure Island. The places is crammed with old school video games that about two generations worth of kids played. They also sell Forties, and shockingly there are little to no women around.

I bring this up because today's Latest Music Tracks is the Brazilian duo Dirtyloud's remix of the perpetually-19-years-old EDM superstar Porter Robinson. And the first 55 seconds of this remix sounds like it is directly out of a video games from the 1980's or 1990's. Listen to it below:


Not to be outdone, The UK's Lazy Rich decided to have a go at editing this track as well:


Well there you have it. Two brand new Porter Robinson remixes. What more could you have asked for from this weekend?

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy's Blogs On Music. Where we hope to not get vandalized this weekend.

H/T Thissongissick.com


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