Posers: Seven Hyped Fail Tracks


A select few websites (who, so to preserve their dignity, we shall keep anonymous) claim the following seven songs are MUST LISTENS BRO!!1! Truth is, they are cheating you like KStew, kicking up hype over irrelevant and ephemeral tracks that they, nor you, will care about in one month's time. Don't believe us? Well take a listen and then decide for yourself...


Animal Collective “Today's Supernatural”

Is it me or... are Animal Collective turning into an Animal Collective tribute act? Self pastiche dot com.


The Sea and Cake “Harps”

Look at all the fucks we give about The Sea and Cake. PS. Worst band name ever.


The Gaslamp Killer "Flange Face [ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson]”

We smell a rat! Seriously, we wonder how much Flying Lotus paid Pitchfork to get this snoozeworthy new signing featured?


Dum Dum Girls "Lord Knows"

Wanted: An imagination. Please send to: Dum(b) Dum(b) Girls.


Grizzly Bear "Yet Again"

Grizzly Minus the Panda Bear have a new song. It sounds like every other Grizzly Minus the Panda Bear song.


Hot Chip "Look at Where We Are [Four Tet Remix]"

Four Tet. Available for hire to shit all over your song. Very cheap rates. Call now.


David Byrne and St. Vincent "Weekend in the Dust"

Is David Byrne boning St. Vincent? Maybe that explains why they are yet to write a decent tune together?


Ouch! We were extra wicked this week! Well it's a dirty deed, but someone's gotta do it. Be sure to tune in next week for more Posers, courtesy of the hype men across the blogosphere! 


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