L.A.’s Butter Make Delicious Confections From The Outer Fringe Of Pop!

“Butter’s sort of my alter-ego, the place I can go to experiment with pop and try different things that wouldn’t necessarily fit under the Lola umbrella,” says Lola Blanc, the prodigious polymath responsible for Butter, speaking on what separates her new alter-ego from her already established, ascendant project under her own name. “Butter is a little shinier, but still kind of weird. I grew up performing as a ventriloquist, and I was Mormon, so it's just sort of in my blood to always want to be a little weird. I love pop music, but I like to stay on the outer fringe of pop.”

Both Butter and Lola Blanc echo the current dichotomy of Southern California music - on one hand, it’s poppy and accessible; on the other, it’s dark and edgy and weird as hell. This intent is hardwired in Butter’s DNA, coming out of the gate with a wooly, wired version of Ariel Pink’s “For Kate I Wait” available July 5th.



As Lola Blanc, the singer/songwriter conjures a dark, slinky electro-cabaret vibe - somewhere in-between Grimes and The Dresden Dolls, but laced with California Sunshine. Blanc’s well-received goth-steeped pop makes sense, from an actress appearing in an episode of American Horror Story: Hotel - pure SoCal goth, equally glamorous and deadly. She has more up her witchy sleeve, however; Butter is her outlet for these eclectic, eccentric impulses. The times, they are catching up with Lola Blanc, thank the stars, with lavish praise being heaped on The Magic EP, from some of indie’s top tastemakers, including Idolator, i-D, Bullett, Nylon Japan, and PopCrush. She was also awarded the much-coveted #1 slot of HypeMachine’s Twitter Charts of 2016.

Butter’s latest output is an electronic exploration of fellow SoCal pal, Ariel Pink, with an electropop take on Pink’s “For Kate I Wait.” Speaking on the idea to cover “For Kate I Wait,” Butter says “’For Kate I Wait” is a cover of a song by Ariel Pink that I thought would sound amazing with a female vocal on it. Ariel is signed to the same publisher as I am, and Ariel and I know each other, so it was just the natural thing to do.  The song was produced by Nick Huntington who is an amazing electronic producer/artist, behind such projects as Freescha and Night Sequels.”

For a unique juxtaposition, check out the original lo-fi Ariel Pink release and amazing video of “For Kate I Wait.”

Similar to Ariel Pink, Butter transmutes your childhood memories into far-flung daydreams - like orbiting the rings of Saturn on the Magic School Bus. This is so far beyond nostalgia, more like an alchemical re-processing of the Collective Unconscious, reworking Pop Culture to resurrect ancient visions, praying to Sailor Moon for protection, calling on Madonna for guidance and an open heart.

Not only is Butter an active musician, she’s also a rising Hollywood star, with a role in the upcoming film from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell film Under the Silver Lake, starring Andrew Garfield. She has also been selected for the first round of a Sundance screenwriting lab for a web series about a struggling pop star/singer/songwriter.

“For Kate I Wait” is out now on all streaming sites and stores – check it out here.

American Horror Story, It Follows, Mormonism, ventriloquism, vaudeville, somehow it all comes together and makes sense within Butter’s future beats and bright melodies. ‘80s Pop Culture and consumerism here give way to a cosmic consciousness, barely seen but felt - the urge for transcendence, the need for uniqueness and individualism slouching towards a New Bethlehem, guided by blinking neon oracles and fortune cookie prophecies.

Her next single, a cover of the Palmistry’s light, tropical “Lifted” would sound straight at home on mainstream FM Radio, next to recent Drake, Rihanna, or PopCaan, with its digital dancehall beats and singalong hooks. It’s fire!, thickening up the original’s slightly post-punk paranoia, while also polishing it to perfection. It’s not often you hear a track that would be just as home on an Experimental Spotify Playlist, next to Animal Collective, as it would on a Top 40 mixtape, along with Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift.

This eclectic personality, blended with prime Pop Instincts, separates Butter from the imitators - with something unique to say, and the production and pipes to back it up! Butter is just recording music that she likes and making it sound awesome! In a time when surprise album drops and handmade ‘zines outsell albums with billion-dollar ad campaigns, the time is right to get a taste for Butter!