When a musician is held back from unleashing their greatest potential disastrous things can happen, but in the case of indie crooner Brandyn Burnette it pushed him to release material that has the power to effectively communicate with listeners in an uplifting manner. Today here at BitCandy we are proud to premiere an exclusive song from Burnette's upcoming EP. His latest song is appropriately titled "I Want To Be Free."

Directed by Brandyn himself along  with long term creative partner Brooke James and Nik Tzekker and the performance of actress Jenni Beatty, "I Want To Be Free" is without question a hauntingly beautiful work of art. Burnette describes his featured work as a reflection of the world we live in today and its effect on our personal struggles and triumphs. It's a journey of emotional and spiritual freedom. Watch below, but with caution of feeling so many feels.



Let's face it, we are totally in love with this guy! Make sure to follow him on SoundCloud and if you're in SoCal this week you can catch him performing July 3rd at State Social House, July 4th at Brand Park in Glendale and July 9th at the Spare Room at the Roosevelt.

Happy listening!


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