Jason Turbin originally started off as a film composer/orchestrator for movies like Oculus, Proxy, Life of Crime, and other big screen films. His capability of building interest through sound is now applied to his musical project, Cadence Kid. Since his debut early in 2016, the solo artist has steadily been growing his audience with his sophisticated sound and unexpected dark yet uplifting electro pop balance and is becoming a breath of fresh air in a world full of butt lyrics and breakups. Today we are more than excited to premiere his latest single, “Whistling Your Name.”

"Whistling Your Name" is the second song released with three time Grammy producer Cassidy Turbin, who's best known for his work with Beck. It's as catchy as the first song, "Ecstasy," but more energetic and upbeat, with an excellently crafted gang vocal chorus to keep you singing the tune long after it's finished. Check it out below:



As the video proves to show, the notes will somehow make their way into your life and will hopefully leave you with a smile and the hunger to hear more from an artist you will want to have on repeat all day.

No word yet as far as an album release, but for now you can get more of Cadence Kid on Soundcloud and Facebook .

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