You might want to grab yourselves an icy beverage because we’re letting go of the first half of the year and welcoming what is starting off to be the hottest summer we’ve had here in the States. Lucky for us we get to welcome a new season with Dublin indie band Ivy Nations. We’ve had the fortune of covering their previous material, “You Are The Center of Me,” and naturally we are so stoked to give you the first taste of their latest single, “Disintegrate.”

“Disintegrate” fuses together a silvery soundscape with uninhibited percussion that transports listeners to what feels like a new path without barriers, a sense of freedom.  It’s one of those tracks that resonates long after listening. If you are looking for an explosive indie rock sound then look no further than below.



It goes without question that this young talented act gets even better with time. "If there is one song that demonstrates the lengths the band has reached to create a sound - it’s Disintegrate,” describes Ivy Nations, “the song was rewritten and recorded many times during attempts to get it right. The result, all of our energy and emotion captured on a track that is cathartic, driven by collapsing structures and farewells to the past."

As Ivy Nations continues to hone the evolution of their talent, we wait here anxiously for their anticipated debut EP that will be released sometime in August 2016. Until then, catch them playing at Whelan's of Dublin, July 7th.

For more on the band, visit their SoundCloud.


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