Perhaps her name may not ring a bell to you, but for the past year Skela has built her reputation and is known by some of New York’s finest producers as “the singer-songwriter who can walk into a studio and write a hit in under ten minutes.” As a singer, she has one of the most capturing vocals of the latest rising indie artists — as a songwriter, Skela’s work is as deep as our cuts. Today, we are pleased to premiere “Rivers,” her latest single following the track that put her on the radar, “Not Alone.”

“Rivers” is an openly honest story about something that is way too real and fresh for us, reckless love. As the title suggests, the tone is set with a flowing current composed from a beautiful piano ballad that makes the painful journey a calm one with Skela’s sultry voice completing the breathtaking piece.



Take a second to discover the authenticity in which Skela writes and sings; it’s auditory pleasure at its finest.

For more on Skela, visit her Soundcloud page.


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