Being hyper-confrontational, humorous, and generally obtuse are the hallmarks of any true New Yorker. Princess Nokia, the alias of rapper Destiny Frasqueri, has these characteristics in spades.

Born in New York City and of Puerto Rican descent, Princess Nokia has slowly but steadily built a growing empire around their unique style and immense talents.

Their latest single “Gross” is a triumphant celebration of Nokia’s proud individualism and utter lack of fucks given. 

As far as Linguistic Reclamation Projects are concerned, reappropriating gross seems tedious and wholly unnecessary. But that doesn’t stop this track from being obscenely funny and an all-around bop. Powered by their bombastic charisma and clever witticism, the song is an anthem and soothing balm for those who don’t feel like conforming to the cookie-cutter notions of cleanliness, civility, and respectability.

And given that most of the world has spent the past few weeks in sweatpants and pajamas, this song feels like a godsend. A righteous rebuttal to anyone being shamed for not getting off fits during quarantine. 

There are also accompanying visuals for “Gross”, directed by Gianluigi Carella. The music video further highlights the many sides of Princess Nokia, presenting our protagonists as a sword-swallower, a red latex-clad knife-throwing target, and whatever that transfixing pearl-encrusted headpiece and bodysuit they don in the final few frames is about.

The main takeaway from the video of this kickass song is thus: Princess Nokia makes being “Gross” look real, real good.



“Gross” is off Everything Sucks, an album title that seems prophetic and a bit too on the nose all at once. They released Everything Sucks in unison with Everything Is Beautiful, cause, if you haven’t figured it out, this is an MC who likes to focus on their dichotomies and multitudes.

Both records are out now via Rough Trade. You should listen to them while sheltering in place.

Stay safe everyone and thanks for reading.


Calvin Paradise is not any one thing. The half-hearted vagabond and forgetful luddite currently resides in Los Angeles and how he spends his time is none of your damned business.