Listen up people, because this is how it’s done.

Wanna see a rapper blow up from the mid-level to the top line? Then get features on the track that fans are definitely down to get down with. So when “Bad Vibe” shows up with A Boogie Wit da Hoodie & 2 Chainz trading verses with Quando Rondo, the Georgia rapper is definitely going to gain the kind of clout and attention he needs to become the next dude to take over this whole rap game situation.

Quando Rondo has a voice that’s way way way too hot for the current market. Like this one is going to get men to want to be him and women want to be with him. You with it? The chill and soulful flow of this track lies somewhere between the R&B vibes of Drake or the Weeknd and the mumble rap bravado of Lil Uzi Vert or Desiigner. This is four quadrants. Everybody’s gonna want to get down to “Bad Vibe.”


It’s funny because the track hardly needs its guest stars. Rondo and “Bad Vibe” have the kind of chill energy that works for the pre-party, the party, and the after-party. Really any time of day and I can picture this beat from Danny Majic and Pierre the Producer bumping out of my speakers. Nobody is trying to get too worked up 2020. It’s easier to have a good time and let the music flow without the need to drop trap arms because the beats too vicious not to. May “Bad Vibe” be the soundtrack to all of our winter sessions, hangouts and kickbacks.

We at We Are: The Guard expects to be hearing this one out quite a bit. Unquestionably on top 40 hip-hop radio-- if it’s not already. Maybe it all it takes is two superstars to show up on the track to get our attention, but now we’re on board and way more interested in the man whose voice does most of the work. Expecting big things from this guy. Pretty sure the next one’s going to be even bigger.