RAC Is Too Good To Do Remixes!


If you haven't heard of RAC...it's my pleasure to fill you in on someone who delivers the goods...every time.  And how rare is that today?  It seems that everywhere you turn...you find people who can't do what their supposed to do.  Singers can't sing, artists don't produce art, and my plumber can't fix my leaky faucet.  But no matter...because we have RAC.

The point of this blog post is he's too good to 'just' be doing Remixes for everyone.  RAC takes it to the next level and delivers...making songs shine even better than the original. 

We follow him on Soundcloud here http://soundcloud.com/rac

So RAC...we're calling you out!  Hang up the remixing for 3 months and make an artist album for yourself...get guest vocalists to come to the table ... like some people you've done remixes for to return the favor ... like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Holy Gost!, Foster The People, etc.  Leave the remix work to others and bring us ur album...pleaze! 

Here are a few of our latest favorite RAC Remixes. 

Theophilus London - "Why Even Try" (RAC Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club - "Something Good Can Work" (RAC Remix)