Remi Wolf’s impulsive pop single “Woo” has all the ex suburb young adults screaming “hell yeah!” at the top of their lungs. This is a victory sound for all those who grew up riding their bikes up and down the cul de sac and sneaking out of their bedroom window to join their fellow suburban friends for wine coolers and make-out sessions.


“Woo” screams. It’s noise. It’s that child that wants your attention and awkwardly enough you find yourself needing to look and when you turn towards the noise you get smacked on the face hard. Next thing you realize .. you find yourself in a daze of joy.

smack in the face

It’s loud for sure, but the clashing of neo-pop and chilled-out vibe translates into a new wave of pop. Much like the track’s title, “Woo” packs a punch with its steady percussion, and the softly played keyboard in the background and occasional glass breaking effect.

For a better explanation of the single, Wolfe’s caption for “Woo,” is perfect! “I literally wrote “Woo!” as one stream of consciousness and don’t even remember what I wrote. It’s fun and cute and sparkly and intense. The song is an ADHD explosion of my feelings on love. Please listen to it while cooking, driving or showering,”

Watch the 24-year-old singer-songwriter’s trippy video for “Woo.” I’m sorry but Katty Perry who? Pfftttt.

To all you fellow former suburb peeps, this is your childhood revived and meant to be relived with a peach wine cooler in hand.

P.S. If Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe can get behind this superb track then we bet you a whole bag if Gushers that you will love it too.

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Thanks Jeff Lowe for congratulating me on my new song WOOL

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