Bow down to London electropop duo Reyko on "Surrender."

There is nothing quite like the love of a good partner. It pumps you up, makes you feel capable of anything. After all, if you managed to secure the love of such an amazing person, surely you must be good for something? It's inherently validating. That's not even to mention the firework display of neurochemicals going off inside your frontal lobe. It's like you're vibrating, from the inside out. It's like you're walking on air.


This is the feeling being referenced by Reyko on "Surrender," a moving moody ballad about falling under love's spell. "I could be queen / Of all I see / If you're standing next to me," coos Soleil, a Spanish singer based out of London, over a sparse tapestry of flickering synths, gradually crashing into a post-dubstep tarpit of a chorus. "

Surrender" manages to sound intense and passionate without becoming loud or abrasive - no easy feat. The bass stays tight, focused, instead of succumbing to the dubstep cliche. The glitchy, 8-bit bassline hangs in perfect equilibrium with the sterling trap/reggaeton beat, which also work in complete harmony with Soleil's vocals. It is, quite frankly, a model of classy electropop. And perhaps a metaphor for how healthy love can work. You don't let it suck you under - you don't lose control of yourself or your life. Instead, everything just works. But this is no safe and polite holding-hands-on-the-couch music, though.

"Surrender" is passionate, hot. It's just a bit restrained, controlled. This also makes it exquisite dancefloor fare. For all you romantic DJs out there, throw this on your playlists to rep for the lover's rock. Especially if those lovers happen to be some sort of fantasy creatures. Reyko have been absolutely killing it with their earliest work. We Are: The Guard couldn't be more excited about this young band. Long may they reign!