Richie Quake is Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II, no question. He has successfully time travelled between the eighties and the aughts seamlessly blending their music together into a sound that belongs to a better world.

“Nothing in My Head” opens with a throwback synth line and MPC-style drum rhythm that would make Tears for Fears question everything they’ve ever known about making music, quaking in their boots, shedding tears over the fear that they’ve never written a song this good.

Then, when the vocals kick in Quake’s song feels distinctly modern with pop and R&B sensibilities that can stand up next to anybody on the radio or festival circuit today. “Nothing in My Head” is a guaranteed hit (I say with absolutely nothing on the line), that’ll likely have everyone from soccer moms to MLS soccer All-Stars swooning and grooving this summer. Or just me and you, but that’s okay too.



Quake’s had quite the history of practice in one of the toughest markets out there, DJing for years in New York and Brooklyn clubs, forcing him to learn on the spot what actually makes people move. Now, he’s releasing his debut EP as an artist this August with “Nothing in My Head” as its terminally chill lead single, and we can’t wait to hear more. This one has got its hand all the way up in our feels, and we’re sincerely hoping that Quake is able to parlay this deep understanding of human nature into a full career of emotional resonance. May there be much much more from Quake in this unique realm of future-throwback-R&B. We’re ready for it.


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