If Ryan Beatty were to turn out to be the head of a new chillwave 2.0 pop-soul-esque sound, then consider us signed right up.  Like first in line, riding the rails at shows-- in a chill way though. His music is too wayyyy vibey to stress about any of that.

For a 24 year old California native who started on YouTube and Radio Disney, this singer-songwriter has come along way over a few short years in the business. The vocalist has racked up a number of collaborations with both Tyler the Creator and Brockhampton (plus featured vocals on two different tracks off of Kevin Abstract’s solo Arizona Baby).

If that’s not a certain fuck-the-system-I-like-raucous-hip-hop energy then I don’t know what is. While both Odd Future and Brockhampton have been accused of being hip-hop boy bands, both have pushed beyond that criticism into pure industry respect.

But, none of that is the energy we’re getting off Beatty’s “Patchwork.”  This track is purely on its own tip, working in a realm that we haven’t heard from in at least ten years. Like Baths meets Washed Out with a little bit of pop 101 songwriting in the mix. A neo-soul groover that brings up more memories of Justin Timberlake on lean or Frank Ocean trying out whip-its for the first time than either of the artists he’s clearly come to call close friends.



“Patchwork” has the kind of beat that could almost be qualified as chopped and screwed, but it’s so slowed down to downtempo, that it hardly qualifies as screwed anything.  Beatty hops in off and around the beat like he doesn’t care what you think about his voice whatsoever. The singer jumps between deep bass,  impressive falsetto, and soulful crooning.  Rarely is such a range displayed on just one track, with Beatty offering a near complete indifference to how a normal pop song is supposed to operate. 

After 2018’s Boy in Jeans Beatty certainly started showing his style, but between this one and “Dark Circles”-- his other 2019 single-- he’s off into space, blending droning mellow hip-hop vibes with heartfelt soulful expression. This definitely shows some age beyond his years.  We’re certainly interested to see where album #2 is headed.


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