Best New Track: Sage The Gemini - Gas Pedal


So after listening to this track for 24 hours STRAIGHT (well, not quite but let’s just pretend) I still have no idea how to explain the sheer awesomeness of it all without doing a very jiggly gyrating move where my arms flop around, my mouth opens and I shake my ass like I’m having a very specific seizure. Today’s Best New Track changed my own perspective on new age hip hop with one hella catchy hook that doesn’t feature Drake or Lil Wayne. THANK GOD! 

The video is….well, weird, but this seems to be what you young kids are after these days. Personally, I don’t get it, but I like the way his sidekick dances. When a track like this comes out, it makes me really realize just how white I am. It’s not that I can’t get into the beat. I can, but that’s sort of the problem. Dancing to this makes anyone without moves looks like a drunk hobo dancing in the sun on the side of the highway. But fuckkit, when the song’s this good, it’s all worth it!


Does it feel like your ass is falling off yet? Mine does. That “Gas Pedal” hook is the most entertaining thing I’ve heard all week, in fact, perhaps all year. The verses are clever, sexy and really just make you want to get crunk! Is that still a thing? Well let’s bring it back!

That rhythm is infectious!

Whether you’ve got a Ferris wheel-sized booty or not, I predict "Gas Pedal" will take over the world, like Harlem Shake on steroids. Or at least MTV. Wherever you are right now, get off your ass and shake it like a crazy person! Your week will be about 10,000 times better before the end of the song.

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