It’s been about eight months since pop singer Salem graced us with what WFNM described her single “Impatient” as “undeniably incredible pop.” She carved herself a spot as an artist to watch and since then has provided a solid fresh voice and the perfect musical canvas for producers to put a personal spin on the upbeat and lighthearted track.

“Impatient - The Remixes” lends itself to be played as a Summer favorite. With contributions from Jordan Jay, Spoove, David Backhash, Konstellation, and Fish Fox, the five-piece package will most likely be heard during this festival season or your next beach bash. Heck, even your next sleepover because it pretty much lends itself to any and every occasion.

Each “Impatient” remix gives you something to remember. The heavy dance beats and steady bass line from Dutch producer Jordan Jay create an instant dance floor hit, while Konstellation’s take puts a laid back vibe with its somber approach, and Backhash’s dives into a pensive state.



Salem “Impatient (The Remixes)” is available now to stream or download.


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