We know it’s true.  Sadboy pop songs make you swoon.  It’s like Sam Fischer is singing these words directly into your soul, isn’t he?  You’ve recently had your heart broken (or something of the like) and the only way to mend it is by finding a song that properly expresses your feelings. 

You don’t need Damon or Marlon or Shawn or Keenan or any of those guys anymore, because you’ve got a new man. His name is Sam Fischer and he feels what you feel. Maybe now you can feel it together. In headphones or just in your dreams. 

He’s dreamy though, huh?  That voice is a love letter straight to your heart. Sure, he’s sad, but that makes you feel something deep inside, doesn’t it? Like he’s been hurt too, and maybe for that reason he won’t hurt you the same way all the other boys have. True sensitive. In touch with his emotions. These are all things you’re looking for in a man-- we’ve read your tinder profile, we know--no games either, right?



“The Usual” is about heartbreak of all kinds, written after Fischer was dropped from his record label. Which is about as stupid of a decision on their part as you and he not ending up together. I mean have you heard this song? I know, right? 

Sure, the metaphor runs deeper than surface level though. “The Usual” offers that deep-seated feeling of nothing you will ever do being good enough. Isn’t it nice to hear someone else say it though? Instead of you alone continuing to beat yourself senseless for a breakup or a job interview that just didn’t work out, rejection after rejection that seems like a never ending wave of defeatism. 

When all you wanna do is stand up and scream I AM SOMEBODY. I MATTER.

'Cause you are. And you do.

Fischer knows that.  And that’s why he’s going to make a great new boyfriend. 

Hope y’all treat each other right. 

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