On Repeat: The Killers "Runaways"


America's favorite pseudo-indie Mormon rockers* The Killers released a new single yesterday.

But you probably already knew that and have already disdissected this song every which way on your favorite music weblog.

Just in case you have better things to do than sit around and wait for new songs to leak on the internet, check out Today's Latest Music Tracks, "Runaways" below:


Now this is not an objectively bad song, but The Killers have written this type of song several times over.  That's why we have to say this song, while good is kinda on repeat.  Not really on our iPod but as the forumula.  It has always struck me as foolish to get upset at bands for not making the type of music you want them to make; having said that, it's frustrating to see a band who's capable of making such great music settle for complacency.

The Killer's fourth studio album Battle Born drops on 9/17 via Def Jam.

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* With apologies to Low


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