Out of the gate, this is the kind of song that you want to become friends with. Like if it were a person (and I’m making no comment about Samm Henshaw as a person, but rather the song personified), it would be one whose energy you’re instantly attracted to. Across the room you’d notice how interesting they are: a dynamic personality that attracts others like flies and can juggle all kinds of other different personalities without faltering or caving to the pressure. “What makes them so special?,” someone asks, but you can’t come up with a good answer. Just that they are. That is what “The World is Mine” reminds me of: a person so likeable that you can’t even put a finger on what specifically makes them stand out, just that every time you’re around the you feel good about yourself and want more of that.  This song is your new best friend.



A little bit soul, some blues, a whole hell of a lot of rhythm, retro, but futurist, equally parts catchy, memorable, and fresh. These are the features that make up a good song.  How is Samm Henshaw able to capture them all so effortlessly? I don’t know … you’ll have to ask him. Hop into Twitter DMs and ask. I’m sure he’d appreciate the compliment.

Samm Henshaw has a voice. That voice is both unique and stirring. Making a comparison to John Mayer feels foolish because their voices are so very different, but that’s the only one I feel comfortable making it to. Maybe it’s because there’s a gravel to their inflection, but more likely than that I think it has to do with a singer and songwriter appearing so confident and strong out of the gate. Clearly I’m not the only one who’s got unwavering faith in Henshaw, as he’s spent the past couple of years opening for James Bay, Tori Kelly and Chance the Rapper, as well as featuring on Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics.

Henshaw has two EPs and a number of collaborations under his belt. This may be the first I’m hearing of him, but regardless, we predict a long career for this exciting voice. 


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