Norway's Sassy 009 craft a jittering, electro ode to isolation on "Thrasher".

Loneliness can be a beast and Norway's Sassy 009 manages to evoke the ugliness and painfulness in “Thrasher” as well as capture some of its detached romanticism - on "Thrasher," a screaming, howling aggro-electro workout.


SASSY - 009

For most of its duration, "Thrasher" floats above a canned, jittering electro beat over which Sunniva Lindgård's atmospheric levitate. She compares loneliness to being washed away by the tide, "Put my hands in the sand and all of me

Will be gone By morning"

The ocean becomes her tears, completing the surreal, emotional landscape. So far, so goth. The peaceful detachment erupts ⅔ of the way through, however, shattering the peaceful detachment, showing some of the red blood and twitching nerves of late nights and empty mornings. Lindgård becomes a howling banshee, a spitting demon, as the music transforms into a malevolent maelstrom of fierce, annihilating bass.

Kill Sassy 009 finds Sassy 009 whittled down to a solo project. "Thrasher" is just Sunniva Lindgård now, working in conjunction with long-time producer/co-songwriter Baya. Baya's blend of lo-fi club beats delivered with Nordic precision is the perfect setting for the jewel of Lindgård's poetic discontent. Sonically, it's somewhat like Grimes getting together with Peder Mannerfelt for a late-night basement session. The style suits Sassy 009 well, with the pop and fizz of Baya's production preventing "Thrasher" from being just more ScandiPop club fare.

So throw on "Thrasher" and know that you are not alone. We Are: The Guard are always here for you, at least, to help fill long nights and silent mornings.


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