Best New Track: Say Lou Lou "Beloved"


Last time around we (kinda but not really) dismissed twins/label execs/fashionistas/everywoman Say Lou Lou as a gimmick. The Aussie girls are (sort of) making me eat my words with their best new track, "Beloved."

Say Lou Lou is sure to garner plenty of comparisons to Tegan and Sara. They're both twins, progressives (probably), and write highly emotive songs about love and heartbreak. The sisters Kilbey tend to be a bit more ambient than the hooks for days work of the sisters Quin, but "Beloved" is Say Lou Lou's most accessible track to date. Hell, it feels like a pop song for the most part. As always the music is dense and serene. And of course the Kilbeys' vocals are on point, because they always are. "Beloved" is a synth-pop tour de force that just may get that cold black heart of yours feeling again. Check it out below.



Say Lou Lou is set to drop the Better in the Dark EP on November 25th via Columbia and the gals' own label, á Deux. "Beloved" will be on the EP. Preorder it here.

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