Winner winner chicken dinner, SKYXXX and Party Favor have created the perfect anthem for the Thanksgiving season. This is pure poultry-based-meal trap shit. How fitting for the holidays, huh? “Chicken Dinner” is some unabashed hood rat hip-hop, with the kind of beat you could literally destroy speakers with if you wanted to, and the flow of a man who’s about to fuck up with the world with some truth.

The Orlando rapper has been on the major come up this year, dropping his first major-label release with “Hotboy” and now this? This track sees SKYXXX teaming up with Party Favor, who has been busting loose with the kind of mega trap sound that’s largely featured at the kind of parties where people tend to imbibe Party Favors.

This is EDM and hip-hop married together in perfect harmony. Synchronicity between sound and style unlike anything we’ve heard in quite some while. AKA It RIPS. Shreds the mf gnar. No shame about it. This song has headbangers anthem written all over it Hyphy pre-game anthem or rave weapon-- doesn’t even matter. Maybe we’re all the winner winner chicken dinners for being able to bang this one out on some speakers. 



“Chicken Dinner” the banger for sure, but Party Favor and SKYXXX ain’t going to leave us empty-handed with just one track. The B-side “HOOT” off the duo’s two-track EP is set to rage with a jungle-breaks-inspired trap beat that’s as vicious as two rottweilers who haven’t been fed in the week. “HOOT” is, in fact, a hoot.

This right here is the pairing of artists that was destined to make some hot shit. Apart they were pretty cool ... but together, unstoppable. Whip both of these tracks out at the party and I can guarantee you’ll have people dancing on tables buck wild in a matter of seven and a half minutes. We expect much more from both SKYXXX and Party Favor-- but truly expect to hear this one so much that we start to get sick of it. 


Nah, impossible. Spin that one back again. 

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