Best of PopKiller - 10 Favs of Week 3


It’s Popkiller bitch!  In other words...BitCandy's version of what pop should really be.  That’s right geniuses, it’s that time of the week again, where BitCandy brings you the latest of alt pop that is hotter than a Terminator keytar solo! Yayy!  Speaking of terminators and guns, wait till you see Charli XCX’s new video. Usually we only serve 10 tracks , but not this week...we’ve included some dessert for ya! I guess we just like you. So, if I were you I would file this post under: Some Hot Shit!


Gold Fields - Dark Again

First up … our latest fav Wallabies! There’s nothing more romantic than dressing up like a Hercules/Wizard and dancing around to a song that is aimed at pulling a relationship out of a rut. If the outfit/song doesn't work, let the wolf take care of it!


Charli XCX - You (Ha Ha Ha)

No Charlie! No, I will never date you! Thanks for reminding us never to hook up wit u! I would hate to piss off a power riding bitch who owns a bad ass Persian kitty. B.T.W. I won’t deny that I can’t get your song out of my head! So cute the way you use lipsticks as bullets. xoxo  Or this a Cher Lloyd video?  I'm confused. 


Trinidad James - All Gold Everything

OMG! It’s 2K13 version of a rapping Mr.T meets Flavor Flav! Wait! Did he just call out hipster bitches? Oh hellz no! All good, we don’t give a fudge, your lyrics suck, but other than that it’s rappers like you who’ll keep ATL in the scene :).


Krewella - Alive

Who gave Krewella Xanax? Alive is the mellowest I’ve heard. They still kill it with the vocals. If you’re reading this and are new to the du-du-dubstep , perhaps this is a good choice of song to ease your way into scene.


Trey Songz - Simply Amazing [Official Video]

My heart just melted! He’s got like so much more talent than Chris Brown..though I’m not sure who would win if we were to put the two in a boxing match. Perhaps, Riri might have a better idea.


Miguel - Do You...

Miguel, you are still no Prince, but damn your high vocals make my knees shake! No one sings about loving drugs as well as you do. Correction, next to Snoop Lion, you’re second best!


Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida - Troublemaker

And because every Popkiller Post needs a little bit of stanky cheese we bring to you "Troublemaker." Oooh and I see that over 17 mill on Youtube like stinky cheese just as much as we do.


Santigold - Girls

I believe in Santigold...and I believe in Girls...totally catchy and a pretty fun video featuring NY’s beauty. Despite this new release not sounding anything with what I originally loved about Santigold, I still love it. Just hoping she hasn’t gone soft.


Zedd - Clarity feat Foxes (The Sonixx Remix)

Just when I thought I was over "Clarity" I get slapped with this juicy remix by The Sonixx. We’ve listened to several remixes, but none as fresh as this one.


Phillip Phillips - Gone Gone Gone

Don’t judge us … but we’re not too snobby to post a track from an American Idol winner.  And if this had Mumford & Sons as the artist...would you like it more? The song is a hit!...nothing wrong with that.


2Pac & James Brown - Unchained

If you haven’t seen Django’re missing out.  A brilliant track, a brilliant mashup! Last Chance fancy pants: Go watch it!


Ozonna - Me and You on Top [promoted]

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Singer/songwriter Ozonna is a new unsigned artist from the lovely Island of England. The bro’s got the beat and he’s definitely working the swag. I’m diggin the chill electro pop. Will we see more of Ozonna? 


That’s all we have for you for now! Away I go to rummage through Lady Gaga’s trash. Must find machine gun bra. But in the meantime, you can drop us a comment and let us know if there’s anything we missed or should add to our Popkiller.