There are absolutely a lot of things I hate about this time of year starting with thinking of how horribly wrong my family’s holiday dinner will be. All the fake convos with family we see once a year, my bank account being in the red, and the drunk relatives who love to brag about what they have. Well … I got something to tell you all.

Look at all the fucks I give

Yes, this year will be worry free and yours should be as well because We Are: The Guard is hooking you up with the ultimate playlist. Our weekly chart this week has undergone a takeover by some of the top talented indie artists that we’ve had the pleasure to work with. DENM, Jamie Lidell, Cappa, Eman8, MXMS, and others have taken holiday classics and revamped the way they sound. Scroll down and have a taste. I promise that it will help block out the crap around you. And if that doesn’t help then join in on the drinking and set something on fire. Okay, perhaps being arrested for arson isn’t the brightest idea, so how about we just hit play on the Weekly Chart below:

Our favorites this week other than the obvious collection of our Indie Christmas compilation include:



It’s happening for the multi-talented artist MorMor whether he wants it or not. The last thing he may want is to people to remember him as a bedroom pop crooner, but that may not be a bad thing considering that his single “Pass The Hours” paints the perfect picture of how I would like to spend my days.



Summer in December … yes please! I’ll take a dose of sunshine, make that two because this 70-degree weather here in California is killing me. Stockholm band Oxen offers up some pretty solid surf vibes that will have you humming along to their catchy laid back melody of “Postpone.”



Listening to White Lies’ “Finish Line” will help you mentally ease yourself into a serene state of mind though the lyrics have a melancholic side to them. According to the band, “Finish Line” is “At its heart, it’s a simple song about a young couple’s break-up negotiations, I like to hope the music itself takes the listener through the emotional ups and downs. It’s up there as one our best songs and we hope our fans think so too.”



Rationale’s “73” is delicious in every sense of the word. You can eat this single up like butter, or margarine, or cake batter, or whatever it is you like eating straight up. The dreamlike setting wraps you up and lifts you to a high that feels so right. 



Boy Harsher was one of our standout picks for SXSW 2018 and to this day we stand firm by our pick as the duo proves to still capture our interest. Whether it’s sonic or visual Boy Harsher seems like they’re out to push the limits on what is normal. This is dark pop at its best.

We will see you all after the madness is done and over with. Enjoy your meals, enjoy your family, and remember that we’re always here for you and your musical needs.

Peace, love, and music to you all!
Yr Frnds at We Are: The Guard


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