There is something surreal and dizzying at the heart of “Window”, the newest single from Still Woozy, the moniker of artist Sven Gamsky. The track exists somewhere between a daydream and a fantasy world constructed from an elective assortment of parts.

It sounds like Beach House on MDMA doing a D’Angelo cover. Like a nostalgia yearning for the present. Amidst the shimmering guitar, day drunk bassline, and an inspired Marvin Gaye sample is a frantic clinging to the here and now. The soundtrack to a mid-afternoon daydream, a brief escape from a world of chaos, often of our own making. A contemporary throwback. “Window” feels like “Baby Come Back”, but only if it were written as a precautionary tale, a road not taken, for a couple still deeply in love.

With his latest song, Still Woozy suggests a time and place in which the main purpose of windows is for crawling in and out of. This is a welcome respite for the present reality in which they’re just frames to view a sleeping world.



“Window” is the first single of 2020 for Still Woozy, following a meteoric rise in 2019. Sven prefers not to work on the same thing for too long, so his work lends itself to singles and EPs. Despite only releasing a handful of songs, Stilly Woozy has amassed millions of streams on all of them.

His digital stardom gave way to the real deal as 2019 saw Still Woozy perform at Coachella, Governor’s Ball, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits. There was also a sold-out headling North America tour.

Sven was set to conquer the globe before the world shutdown. “Window” shows that he’ll be more than ready when it reopens.


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