Swae Lee comes together with Drake to bring the heat he promised earlier this month on "Won't Be Late."

At the beginning of August, Swae Lee tweeted a teaser, "August's going to be an exciting month. That's a promise."

Swae was referring to two surprise singles - "Sextasy" produced by Mike Will-Made-It and chopsquadDj and "Won't Be Late" produced by Tekno. Lee ramped up the anticipation throughout the month, hinting at the Drake drop-in on Mike Will-Made-It's Instagram.

It turns out the single didn't even need the hype. Before the drop, Swae Lee talked about his ambition for his upcoming second album, the anticipated follow-up to his solo debut Swaecation. He'd hinted that the follow-up would be "the stupidest solo project of all time," then going on to claim "It'll be like 12 tracks, and they'll all be bangers." So is "Won't Be Late" a banger?



Yeah, although a chill one, It's built around a tight island bass beat, that seems to be so omnipresent where Drake materializes in recent years. Frosted claps click a trap beat while smooth sax and spare piano sometimes materialize. All the while, Swae Lee sings of seduction, of bringing his A-Game, while Drake swirls in timeless isolation. It's a mellow apparition, that's for sure, destined for late-night drinking and dreaming sessions.

With "Won't Be Late," We Are: The Guard is officially psyched for Swae Lee's new record. Now when will it drop?


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