Photography by Christopher Chan

From full blown out protests, to full blown out bellies from too much beer and BBQ, our SXSW 2017 show hoping continues in Austin, TX. Today we had a chance to snap pictures of some of our personal favorite indie acts as well as some unexpected surprises. So for those who aren’t here with us, this post is for you. With the photographs below you can tell everyone that you were there. Ha! If you use any of the images though just make sure you credit our photographer, Christopher Chan. 

We started our day at the Austin Convention Center Radio Day Stage - KCSN where we caught the performance of THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS. Simi Stone sang in place of Neko Case here because Neko was playing with his other band Brill Bruisers.

New Pornographers

New Pornographers

Our good deed for the day was skipping over to the Quantum Collective Southwest Invasion hosted by Whole Foods Market, benefiting Whole Planet Foundation to see FROTH and DEAP VALLY who were certainly the best dressed of the day.


Deap Vally

Deap Vally 

CHASTITY BELT at Waterloo Records was the most unexpected performance of the day. Mega bummed that their outfits were not in sync with their band name.

Chastity Belt

THE SORE LOSERS at Sidewinder satisfied our need for rock sounds. Super explosive, good ol’ classic rock!

Sore Losers

TKAY MAIDZA at Mazda Studio at the word for you...HOLY SHIT. Ok, so I can count, but wow. Maidza was amazing!

Tkay Maidza


Christopher Paul Stelling

COLONY HOUSE at the Gatsby

Colony House


Delicate Steve

BILLIE EILISH at Presbyterian Church. Highlight: closed with her popular single “Ocean Eyes”

Billie Eilish

Best performance of the night hands down was KATE NASH !!! People were dancing in the aisles. Songs performed: “We Get On,” “Foundations,” and her new single “My Little Alien” (a song to her dog [Stella] she rescued in LA for $20).

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Last on the list for today was super cool band THE HIDEOUT, playing at Square Peg Round Hole. Sounded postrock, tycho-ish.

The Hideout

The Hideout

More indie show highlights to come in the next couple of posts. Patience please...this festival reporting thing is tough.


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