Sports have all-star teams, the musical equivalent of Supergroups. Sport leagues have All-Star games, as well as games for the most promising young players, usually labeled as a ‘Rising Stars” or ‘Future Stars’ games. Skeleton”, a collaboration from Vancouver producer Tails and Cook County’s finest Inverness, featuring Los Angeles-based producer/singer Nevve, feels like the EDM parallel to those games.

Three of the brightest up and coming players in the game have joined forces to create an absolute banger of a song which fluctuates between experimental bass, trap, and dance music. There’s something here for everyone, from the mysterious Nevve’s hauntingly translucent vocals to the sexy and sleek production from Inverness and Tails.

Here at We Are:The Guard we got our hands on some exclusive footage of these wunderkind producers plying their craft together:


Very chill teamwork on display here. And did we mention this song bangs?



While “Skeleton” dabbles in a wide variety of genres, but if you strip away all the window dressing and the meat and bones of the song (get it?) is a sad pop song.  Like a lot of EDM tracks, there’s a bevy of production wizardy to mask what is essentially an emo poem about love, loss and longing and the way those things shape us.

Things start off slowly with Nevve’s voice flanked by sparse instrumentation. A scattering of drums and sonic pulses begin to accelerate the pace as the track builds to its climax. The incredibly smooth and unexpected drop is a thing of beauty and the highlight of the track. If this thumping bass line doesn’t get your shoulders shaking and heart pumping, you need to have your ears examined.

The depth and lushness of the production shines and pops on this track as the chemistry between all parties is on full display. While no one would complain if this trio decided to reconvene for larger, more robust projects, all the artists involved here have solo work that more than stands up on its own merit.

If music is a thing you enjoy, keep an eye on Inverness, Tails, and Neeve, because they’ve got some exciting things brewing.  


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