What I love about music is that even when you completely oversaturate your life with it, it never loses the ability to surprise you, like The-Dream's top new song, "Black."

Born Terius Nash, the songwriter to the stars has never had a song quite like "Black." Complete with the tagline, 'Classism is the new racisim,' "Black" is an immensely powerful song about the ever-growing equality gap in this country/world. As an artist best known as a punchline, or for writing some 'misogynistic-hedonistic-strip-club-fantasy shit,' The-Dream doesn't seem out of place singing what is an out-and-out activist's song. It's not hard to imagine a song this compelling and capable of evoking this much emotion winning a Grammy or any other sort of prestigious award. Regardless of all that though, it's definitely worth a listen or three.

Start expanding your mind by pressing play below:



While "Black" is not on it, The-Dream's latest effort, Royalty: The Prequel EP, is out now. You can download it on his official site.

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