The Best Of Indie (10 Songs) - Week 30


Hi, it's me, Casey Anthony.  Ahhh...don't run.  I've got so many great indie songs to share with you that I've discovered while sitting around in my cell.  Thank goodness for WiFi.   Or as the French say....wee fee. 

On that note...some of our favorite songs recently discovered from new releases and blogs on music.  Filtered and handpicked for you from BitCandy, the Music Filter for Indie, Pop and Electronic so you have more time to watch "True Blood!"  So without further ado...
"Holdin On To Black Metal" - My Morning Jacket - Not do be confused with My Late Night Dinner Jacket.

"Blackeye" - Love Inks

"Nightlight" - LIttle Dragon - new album out now yo!  Well worth checking out and one of our positively recently reviewed albums in Reviews.

"Seconds" - Little Dragon - more of a down tempo chill vibe song that we are loving.

"Quantum Leap" - John Maus - best track (um, by far) on the hotly tipped new album from John Maus...some other tracks on the album, not so much.  We're loving "Quantum Leap" though...and also award goes to (so far) best indie artwork for 2011.  

"Might As Well Step Forward" - RJD2 - great jam here from the producer who is almost from another galaxy.

"Ease" - Saboti - great indie chill vibes.  Beats the hell out of me where we found this but a great track that floated upwards in our filter system.

"Trance Sisters" - Memory Tapes - one of our favorites from the new album

"Yes I Know" - Memory Tapes - more Memory Tapes.  Long live Memorex.

"Andrew" - Jonwayne - Ok this is just truly kinda weird.  But no matter...we dig it and one of the finds we came across this week.  

See ya next week,
-- G L I T C H --