Exclusive Preview-Simon Cowells DJ Show


BitCandy's LA Music Blog has the 1st DJs Announced for Simon Cowell's "The Next Great DJ!" Reality TV Show.

That's right in honor of Miami Music Week where every DJ in the world plays approximately the same set, BitCandy got a sneak peak of the 1st DJs who made it through the audition process to Simon Cowell's new forthcoming reality TV blunder.  

Remember, this is a search for the NEXT BIG GLOBAL DJ.  Isn't this so exciting and credible?

Up 1st is a snippet from DJ der guten Laune from Germany.  Check out his epic performance that wowed the judges.

Our other sneak peak we're bringing you exclusively is a snippet from DJ Grandma Ruth Flowers:

Booyah!  I can't wait for the other DJs that will soon be making a noise and smell on this AWESOME new TV show.  Got to hand it to Simon Cowell and Will Smith productions (2 guys who wouldn't know the difference between techno and electro). 

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Is this "Find the Next Superstar TV Show" going to be Dead on Arrival?

Are Simon Cowell's man boobs hot?  Would you play with them?

Should Will Smith make Wild Wild West Pt 2?  If not the movie just another song fail?  

Voice your opinion and get snobby below in comments.