This is not the first collaboration between Theophilus London and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. In fact the song we’re here to talk about today, “Whiplash,” was initially recorded in 2016. 

A decade ago, the release of such a song would’ve been met with some shrugs, laughs, and a lot of side-eyeing of folks who weren’t already aware of it. But with the era of file sharing making way for one defined by monolithic streaming services,a proper release has regained some importance. And whether you knew about “Whiplash” or not, it’s definitely worth the wait.

It pays to know what your strengths are and play to them. London is at his best when he’s dabbling in indie pop and psychedelic grooves, and Parker flourishes at being the biggest musical dork in the room. Which actually makes this duo the platonic ideal of a musical team. Even their alleged moniker, Theo Impala, is perfect.

“Whiplash” is primarily an exercise in contrasts. Theophilus’ dynamic, angular flow is matched against Parker’s mellow vibes and delicate falsetto. Sonically this song would have fit snugly on 2015’s Currents while also being reminiscent of London’s breakthrough hit “Flying Overseas.” The pair’s chemistry is readily apparent, as it was on their October release “Only You,”  a cover of a song by Nigerian musician Steve Monite.



Hopefully there’s a lot more where this comes from. Speaking of more, Tame Impala will be headlining Coachella this year and dude has also made it known he’ll be releasing a new record at some point this year.

Meanwhile London hasn’t had a proper release since 2014’s Vibes, though if you missed his 2018 mixtape Nights B4 BeyBey, now would be a good time to check that out.

At the very least it will wet your appetite until more of Theo Impala is unleashed on a world that needs it now more than ever.


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