THEY.'s "U RITE" is a fantastic song on its own. It perfectly showcases the rising LA-based duo's smooth blend of grunge and R&B and since its release, it has been streamed on Spotify alone more than 5 million times. Their particular way of fusing styles makes it undeniably irresistible for remixing, and Louis Futon knows how to remix.



The Philadelphia native likes to take R&B and hip hop music and twist and hollow it with electronics. This year alone, he's transformed songs by Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, and Anderson.Paak — and now, THEY. has joined his remix catalog.

On his Soundcloud, Futon writes in the remix's description, "I like to make shit that bangs too," and boy, does this song bang. Even at your sleepiest, this clash of thick beats will keep you wide awake. Where the original version has a steady rumble throughout, Futon rushes it and then stretches and flattens the rhythm only to spin it on hyper-speed again. You may have heard this song before, but Futon makes sure listeners never know where the next beat will go. Somehow, despite its major transformation, the THEY. voice is never lost.

There is a reason why everyone wants Futon to recreate their hits and his expert maneuvering is why he is also finishing up a headline tour and just played Goldenvoice's Splash House. Are we surprised that this remix is epic? Not in the least.