Congrats Tidal, you did it!

So let’s talk about Tidal, huh? The initial numbers came out this morning and they are looking good. Damn good. Will Smith, good. Congratulations Jay and Bey— you finally made something worth while (yeah, we’re talking to you Blue Ivy). Tidal, the hottest new music streaming service right now. It just BLEW THE DOORS off all expectations (which were granted, none). In its first week alone, Tidal has surpassed everyone and everything this side of the internet’s version of the Mississippi (let’s face it, it’s probably Google).

On its launch day Tidal had more listeners than Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio, YouTube Music, Deezer, Rdio, Beats Music, Grooveshark, Music.org, Songsza and Soundcloud COMBINED.

YUP, you heard that right. Jay-Z’s gamble into the tech business payed off in a big way. Now the richest artists in the world get just a little bit richer— because BABY this sucker is gonna pay out big for them. Cause when celebrities band together, anything can happen, right? Just ask Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. We are the World anyone? They SAVED Africa.

Now, Jack White and Deadmau5 will finally get the payouts they deserve. Kanye West can FINALLY get paid for his God’s art. Whether it be in standard quality ($9.99 a month for the same quality as every other place on the internet) or Lossless for ($19.99 a month) you can FINALLY pay for the music of the artists you love. Truly exciting news to have music Lossless streaming music. I know me and my friends are all for sure listening to Lossless in 2015. We’ve all got our Tidal Apps downloaded on our Pono’s.

You, me and a million other users all agree: This is the real deal, we’re glad we signed up and can’t wait to spend all of our money (that we’d normally spend on tickets to see these artists) for Tidal!

For an alternate take please read Bob Lefsetz’s absolute hogwash about how this isn’t going to work.

Normally, we agree with Bob but on *this* one he’s TOTALLY wrong. I mean c'mon...everyone knows there can be more than just one "Amazon" in the digital retail world. That there could be more than just one "Google" in the online search world. Bob basically makes zero valid comments in the aforementioned post, and it's so clear that between YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Beats, iTunes, Soundcloud, Rhapsody, etc...there's just no competition for Tidal. 

We understand that up next is a Tidal streaming video service. BOOM! YouTube is over!

Tidal is here to stay. Forever! Anyone can see that. 



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