Nicki Minaj's new vif "Come on A Cone'


Here at BitCandy we embrace all sorts of music from all sorts of genres. Without judgement we listen and provide you, our faithful readers with unbiased reviews and opinions.... SIKE!!! Who do you think we are? Of course we’re going to praise the things we love and piss on the shit we hate.

With that being said, I bring to you the latest turd to drop out of Satan’s No. 1 trash talking tranny rapper, Nicki Minaj. She just debuted a teaser (oooooh, I’m cringing with excitement) music video, "Come on a Cone," that is sure to leave you re-re-retarded or wishing you could cum in her throat to stop her from rapping.

This bitch ain’t serious, this bitch is delirious. Someone please put a dick in her face, put a dick in her face.

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