Today's Candy: Allure Mashes The Beatles


I know what you are thinking: "Who the fucking HELL does Parisian ponce, Allure, think he is chopping up a classic track like The Beatles 'And I Love Her' into a club banger? I mean, JEEZ, could he get any MORE sacrilegious?"

Well, um, you know what – although we bow down to The Beatles as much as any other White Album (numbered #500 and below) vinyl owning hipster – we actually... kinda... like this... PLEASE DON'T KILL US!!

While we are on the subject of Allure breathing new life into/butchering classic tracks – here's another from the French DJ: a robotic spin on Michael Jackson's 1992 hit, "Remember the Time." We bet Iman is shaking her ass to it as we type.


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