90s Candy: Mariah Carey "Fantasy" / "Honey"


Fuck it. We're dedicating today's, uh, Today's Candy to Mimi Carey, and we don't care what you any of you hipsters have to say. We want some 90s throwback and we want it NOW.

First up, "Fantasy," the opening track to Carey's fifth album, Daydream, which dropped in 1995. Check out the song's official video below. We dare you to not laugh at Mariah as she tries to maintain sexy face while blates shitting herself on that rollercoaster (digging the pencilled chola brows, btw).

This track goes out to Mariah's ex, Tommy payola Mattola!

Time to jump to 1997 and to "Honey," which is taken from Agent M's sixth album, Butterfly (this was before Mariah started incorporating big words and algebra into her album titles). Mimi's best non-ballad? I mean dig that synth line, yo!

Another Mariah track, another obligatory poorly acted video.


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