Todays Candy: "Zombie" The Cranberries

Time to make a time travel trip to 1994 where the gunge / alternative scene was in full swing, where we had Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam crack a lackin' on the charts.  And then of course there was The Cranberries, whose first really big smash "Linger" is a total 180 Degrees in sonic aggressive production to their 1994 hit "Zombie."  

"Zombie" is a protest song about Northern Ireland and the killing of two children in an IRA bombing in Warrington, England.  The song was a smash throughout all countries and even eeked it's way back on to the UK charts in July 2011 (peaking at #94..funny how that can happen with songs that are works of art).  
I didn't know all the background of the song which makes the video even more poignant.
Enjoy some "Zombie"