TikTok is a lot of things (illegal?; highly predatory; a watered-down Vine knock-off, etc.), but ultimately it’s a platform through which artists can reach and expand their fanbases.

Few have made better use of the leverage the app allows for better than Connecticut’s own Tokyo’s Revenge (stylized: TOKYO'S REVENGE). The young and mysterious artist already has several viral hits tailor-made for bite-sized social media clips, and his newest song “BODYCOUNT” has all the makings of another one.

As we know, social media has no use for subtly. And there is absolutely nothing subtle about “BODYCOUNT”. If this track doesn’t slap you across the face with its unrelenting aggressiveness, you might want to check for a pulse. Effortlessly combining elements of hardcore, punk, and EDM, Tokyo and fellow rising star JASIAH have created a song that defies classification.

“BODYCOUNT” feels like it could be a Death Grips cut, if only the Sacramento trio was more commercially viable, hornier, and wanted to fight anyone as opposed to just the ruling class.   Over a minimalistic, industrial beat, Tokyo and Jasiah take turns matching each other’s chaotic energy and lyrical witticism. There’s a lot to say about this track, but in the end it’s  136 seconds of raw, unfiltered energy that needs to be experienced.



Word on the street is that Tokyo’s Revenge is putting the finishing touches on their debut record. And while it is sure to break the internet, it’s fascinating to think about what these highly creative artists are going to come up with when live music returns.

While we wait for that and Tokyo’s album release, go familiarize yourself with “GOODMORNINGTOKYO!” and “THOT!” if you don’t already know.  

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