Top 10 Indie Songs To Get Dirty With


Amazeballs news! Our “Top 10 Indie Love Songs” post was a complete success! We have officially wooed our hipster valentine with the help of your romantic playlist! First, second and third base? Been there, done that, got the cooties. Time for the hot damn home run!  So here's the question ... what are the best indie songs to get down and dirty with? 

But to achieve this golden feat, We Are: The Guard need some good music! So, we asked everybody over at Facebook to tell us their favorite top indie songs on the matter!  Being the demons that our readers are, we got some rad responses, the best of which we have listed below. If all goes well, We Are: The Guard's sweaty cherry should be popped by the end of this post!


The Weeknd “High For This” (Selected by David Hopkins)

Abel will have you nekkid by the end of this song! Turns out Canadians can be sexy, too, Justin Biebz! Oh, shitballs, now where have my clothes gone?!

Hotline: “Take it off, you want it off/Cause I know what you're feeling/It's okay, girl, I feel it too.”


CITIZENS! “True Romance” (Selected by Eriq Peña)

Lotsa girl on girl, guy on guy, and everything in between in this video... Don't mind us, we're just off for a fap and maybe even a shlick. Urban Dictionary it, douche.

Hotline: “Lighting up my cigarettes and counting out the change in our pockets/Tell me love/Will we ever know ourselves?”


Queens of the Stone Age “Make It Wit Chu”

Joshua Michael Homme, you may be a ginge, but you can make it wit us anytime, anywhere. And invite Dave Grohl over while we are at it? Kthxbai.

Hotline: “I wanna make it/I wanna make it wit chu/Again and again and again.”


Radiohead “House of Cards”

We are surprised Thom Yorke even gets down, let alone writes songs about it. C'mon, girls, would you screw a squirrel with a lazy eye?!

Hotline: “The infrastructure will collapse/Voltage spikes/Throw your keys in the bowl/Kiss your husband goodnight.”


The Glitch Mob ft. Swan “Between Two Points” (Selected by David Hopkins)

If you have a womb, then Swan has just got it preggers. Sexiest voice, ever?! Yes, yes, YES! Brb, we need to clean the sheets...

Hotline: “Can something like this be pulled/From under our feet?/Leaving our skin/And burning coals to meet.”


Air “Sexy Boy”

Ah, a nookie classic. What is it about the French and sex? No, seriously, what is it about the French and sex?! Help a sexually frustrated dude out, for goodness sake!

Hotline: “Où sont tes héros aux corps d'athlètes/Où sont tes idoles mal rasées, bien habillées/Sexy boy.” (Google Translate it, asshole)


She Wants Revenge  “Tear You Apart” (Selected by Eriq Peña)

Oh, so this is what Interpol would sound like if they grew a big pair of hairy balls... But, shit, who or what is Lydia?! Alien? Cat? Chick with a dick?

Hotline: “I want to hold you close/Soft breasts, beating heart/As I whisper in your ear/I want to fucking tear you apart.”


Wild Beasts “Bed Of Nails” that a male orgasm that we hear?! Those bloody ravenous Brits. Get back to your fish and chips!

Hotline: “Surround me like a warm bath/Sum me up like an epitaph/Be blatant as a bailiff/I want my lips to blister when we kiss.”


The A-Team “Theme Tune”

Now we are double checking that you are paying attention... This song must sum up how it feels to finally get laid. It's called victory, fool!

Hotline: “Duh-duh-dah-duh!/DUH-DUH-DAH-DUH!”


Nine Inch Nails “Closer” (Selected by Jess Grant)

By day, Professor Snape teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts. By night, he plays seductive industrial under the Trent Reznor moniker. Shits and giggles aside, our #1 was a no brainer!

Hotline: “I want to fuck you like an animal/I want to feel you from the inside/I want to fuck you like an animal/My whole existence is flawed.”


WE DID IT!!!!!! WE GOT LAID!!!!!! We would like to thank The Academy, God and of course, our readers. We could not have done it without you and your incredible recommendations! Want to suggest some further top indie songs for songs to do the deed?! Comment below or over at the We Are: The Guard Facebook!

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