It's August, which means that we're entering peak summer. And with peak summer, comes peak Top Chill Music. No, really – this is one of those playlists where every song is a hit, if not a hit in the making. So whatever plans that you have this weekend, be it going out in the sun or staying in to keep cool (this is me!), you're sure to find something here to suit your mood. Don't take my word for it, though – have a listen yourself to the latest from Oshi, Katuchat, Poolside, Ta-ku & Wafia, Cass McCombs and more.



If you need to take a moment to relax and unwind this Friday, then I present to you “Fly” by British producer Oshi. After the stress of the working week, I can't think of a more perfect instrumental to drift off into the abyss to. Opening with peaceful synthesizers before picking up the pace with skittering percussion, “Fly” is yet another refined, well-crafted composition from the 17-year-old (17-year-old!).



Introducing the French answer to Flume, Crayon. The Parisian producer's silky smooth, luscious beatscapes are the stuff of fantasies. Case in point: “Dorian's Dream.” Featured on Crayon's debut EP Flee, the richly layered ambient instrumental, with its emotive piano keys and percussive vinyl crackles, is almost certain to set your mood to chill. Check it out!



Icelandic singer-songwriter Júníus Meyvant scoops up listeners by the hand and places them in a warm pocket of bliss on “Signals.” Featured on his debut album Floating Harmonies, this folk symphony is truly delightful. Centered around cascading strings, whimsical percussion and, of course, Meyvant's lovely vocals, put “Signals” on one lazy afternoon and feel your cares be swept away the summer breeze.



French producer and purveyor of vibes Katuchat returns after a minute with the crisp, introspective “Lapis Lazuli.” Featured on his forthcoming EP of the same name, the instrumental is a serene, meditative piece that hears Katuchat explore a love for traditional Japanese music in the realms of a more contemporary, vibrant electronic sound. Dive in!



This song is dedicated to all of you heading to the beach this weekend in your bikinis and top-down convertibles. As featured on their recent mixtape Contact High, “And The Sea” by Los Angeles “daytime disco” duo Poolside is the definition of a summer anthem. Combining tropical synthesizers and balmy vocal harmonies, put this chill-yet-upbeat piece on while driving along the highway with the wind in your hair and soak up the vibes.



Ta-ku and Wafia are a match made in heaven. If you're yet to listen to the Australian duo's collaborative EP (m)edian, then you're missing out on emotive, stunning masterpieces like “Love Somebody.” A mid-tempo electronic pop song about sticking with a person through thick and thin (“I know we never get it right/We only ever seem to fight/Anyone else would walk away/When you love somebody then you stay”), everything about this is truly moving.



Meet Sophia Kalo aka Skarlette, an Australian musician and attendee of Sydney's coveted Conservatorium High School, home to BitCandy favorite Lupa J. Despite describing her electronic compositions as “far less progressed” than Lupa's, Sophia's latest single “Nightfall” would suggest otherwise. Sparse, brooding and deeply atmospheric, expect to hear a lot more from Skarlette in this playlist (and beyond!) in the future.



Ahead of the release of his eighth album Mangy Love later this month, the great Cass McCombs has shared “Medusa's Outhouse.” Produced by Rob Schnapf and Dan Horne, the song is a rambling, meandering number that hears Cass singing surreal, imagery-rich lyrics in a delicate upper register while being framed by Americana-tinged guitars.



Seattle native and self-proclaimed “pastel pop” artist Liyv continues on her mission to “make songs for sad people who like bright colours” with her latest single “Now You Say You Love Me.” Described by Liyv as being about a “push-pull relationship,” it combines melancholic vocals and effervescent, synth-driven production into a truly precious listening experience that most, if not all of us, are sure to relate to.



Are you ready for 11 minutes of downtempo R&B bliss? “Victoria” is the debut offering from Sonder, a collaborative project between producers Dpat and Atu and vocalist Brent Faiyaz. Comprising of three different parts, “Invite Me,” “No Love” and “Sin,” each of which offer a very different interpretation on the genre, this smoothly executed mood piece offers something for everyone. An essential addition to any bedroom playlist.


Thanks for listening! Until next weekend! x

Photo” by Zack Minor is licensed under CC0 1.0 (cropped and resized).

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