Even when I'm dripping in hipster sweat in the middle of Texas for South By South West, hereby renamed Soundcheck By Soundcheck West, I'm filtering through the blogosphere for this week's top chill out music! In the meantime, Pitchfork are getting wasted in the bar along. Only kidding! Thanks to the Curators who helped out with today's pickings from Javeon, Teebs, Fryars and more. If you've got what it takes to contribute to any of my weekly roundups, then sign up to be a Curator!



I'm kinda tempted to call “Intoxicated” the “Climax” of 2014, but come on let's admit it, this strawberry rhubarb jam really isn't THAT good. The blogosphere is all over it, though, probably because it was produced by the mad credential Julio Bashmore. Anyways, this video is the third installment of an ongoing short film, but I can't be bothered to watch the other two videos to tell you what the hell is going on. Deal with it.



As if I wasn't already excited about Teebs dropping another single from his upcoming album, E S T A R A, he goes and gets Jonti to sing on the fucking thing. “Holiday” is exactly that, a holiday. Only for your neural pathways, though. Not gonna lie, this is so much more exciting to me than the previous single, “View Point.” This could be Avey Tare or Geologist or Panda Bear or whoever the weird fucking one in Animal Collective is.



How comes nobody gives a shit about Goldfrapp anymore? Genuine question. They used to be all over the radio at one point with that “ooh la la la la la” song. Maybe it's because their new album, Tales Of Us, is boring as fucking fuck? Maybe. At least Blood Diamonds gives the British duo a tonne of heart and soul again in this remix of “Thea.” Oh, and for the record, this owns Twin Shadow's annoying as hell reinterpretation.



Summer is coming, hipsters. If you don't want to take my word for it, have a listen to “Walking Home” and then get back to me. Nobody makes music as lovely as this during winter, and if they do, it's only because they're in denial (or because they're from Los Angeles, as it's always summer here, bitches). Anyways, big up to Hunt For The Breeze for introducing us to Nick Leng. Is that him in the photo? He looks like a baby cherub.



One day, I might actually understand what Fryars is all about. Until then, I'm going to keep on consuming as much of his shit as possible. I don't even know what this creepy demo thing is all about, but I do know I can't stop listening to it. It probably has a subliminal message hidden in it somewhere telling me to keep on playing it. I wouldn't put Benjamin Garrett past that kinda Illuminati type shit. Whatever, I'm blazed.



I could spend my entire day reading through and laughing at SoundCloud comments. Here's one of my favorites left on “Best Intentions”: “That photo made me grow a pair of balls and trip them the fuck off.” I hear you, bro. Here's another: “Why do I think this is the soundtrack to a 90's role playing game? Zelda? Final Fantasy?” I hear you too, bro. “Best Intentions” is dream pop for freaks and geeks (that's a compliment, honestly).



Not gonna lie, I'm tired of cute hipster girls and their twee as fuck covers of classic pop songs. Gabrielle Aplin, Nina Nesbitt, Birdy, that kinda shit. Anyways, I'm going to make an exception for this cover of “Don't You Want Me?” by Young Summer, as not only did it melt my heart of stone, it gave me an excuse to listen to the original. Plus, it recently featured in Grey's Anatomy, and I don't want Ellen Pompeo to kick my sorry ass.



Ireland is home to every hot male songwriter EVER right now, at least if Hozier and Talos are anything to judge by. Ssh, I want to believe, I have to believe. Oh, and let's not forget it's St. Patrick's Day on Monday. Thing is, I'm now going to ruin the hibernophilia (Google it, bro) by comparing Talos to the very British human male, James Blake. Talos knows better than to have his hair cut like my 12 year old cousin, though.



Cloud Atlas is a self proclaimed producer, artist, entrepreneur, photographer and audio engineer, and yet he only has 87 followers. No seriously, what's that about? Go and follow him, unless you're happy to miss out on shit hot remixes accompanied by ass shots. Oh, and speaking of SoundCloud comments, Once A Tree have left one on this: “So good.” It hits me right in the feels seeing artists I love give love to other artists I love. Keeping up?



If I'm completely honest with you, I couldn't find a tenth song to bring you today. So instead of placing any old crap here, I thought I'd dig up a vintage classic from Fever Ray instead. For those of you who're all like, “I totally recognize this song,” it featured in Breaking Bad during the SADDEST scene ever, when Jesse is go karting alone after Jane's overdose. In fact, here it is. I miss Breaking Bad so fucking hard, you guys. Help me.

That's it for this week's top chill out music, everybody! I'm back next Friday for even more, so feel free to come and hang out with me then. Don't forget, if you've got what it takes to contribute to any of my weekly roundups, then sign up to be a Curator!

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