So how are you this week? Did you have a good one? Mine was pretty awesome! I did a whole bunch of things! Let's see if you did anything similar to what I did. Did you sleep 7 nights? Were you awake 7 days? Did you go to work or school? Did you drink any beers out at bars with your friends? Did you watch any tv shows or movies? Did you talk to another person or animal? Did you spend anytime indoors or outdoors?

That's all really good to hear.

But -- did you listen to any music? Okay, phew. ME TOO. Why don't you take some time and listen to a couple of more musics though. Pop in your headphones and turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP.

fuck yo job. music is life. 



Still fucking HYPED on this album. It's pretty much all I listen to while I drive around in my car. Here are 15 minutes of the finest moments to sell you if you are not sold already (GET WITH IT). Glitch Mob play live instruments too and I can't wait to see them fucking rip up every single festival this summer. HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY. it's like a dance music prog rock album. My Dad would dig this shit. I should play it for him...



For anyone who is completely anti-trap, may I present Paper Diamond as the perfect counter-arguement? No two songs alike, PLUS none of his shit sounds like anything anyone else is making. In the past couple of months he has truly upped his production game, making HUGE sounds (though if you AREN'T doing huge sounds in Trap you are probably doing it wrong, lol). I always thought the V in LOUDPVCK was supposed to be a U, until the voice at the end says "Loudpack." That's some fucked up shit right there. I feel like I don't know how to read now.



Lindstrøm's name on the Ultra poster is on the top of a LONG list of acts that break my heart. Can someone please fund a trip for me to Miami in late March. It's REALLY not so much to ask for. I promise you I'll chill at the Live stage all weekend and see Gesaffelstein and Basement Jaxx and Lindstrøm with his funky disco chill ass good vibe times and tell you ALL about it. I'll probably even shed a tear or three as his shit gets pretty emotional. 



In Mr. Oizo's Reddit AMA, he says, "I have absolutely no respect for DJs," that being signed to Ed Banger is "nothing special" and that, "SebastiAn is the best. kills everyone. huge talent." Mr. Oizo, filled with utter negativity towards the world of dance music, knows what I also know: that SebastiAN is an absolute fucking killer and is a name that needs to be forced into more people's brainholes. So listen to this song and force it into your brainhole so then the next time he plays America you don't fucking lag and miss his set like the last time you did.



Remember when Skrellie was a power couple and were always on the cover of Us Weekly and OK! Magazine? We all followed every step of their relationship like the 2012 Brangelina they were. But as we know from experience, all famous power-couples must come to an end. 

At least we get a beautiful little minimal collaboration out of it. It's like the sister song to 'Leaving' from Skrillex's extremely underrated EP of the same name. OH, how much this song must have meant to the two of them once upon a time. How awkward it must be now. I'm very glad that they didn't let pride get in the way and leave it in limbo for all eternity. Eh, neither of them seem that egocentric. They both seem rad as fuck. Ah their love was so perfect! TRUE LOVE ISN'T REAL.  :(


Speaking of Power couples that are no more -- I need to mourn the loss of the [former] power couple behind the next two tracks.  Alan Braxe & Fred Falke used to be FIRE together. Y'all are still doing decently apart, but come on… pull a Deep Dish and give us a reunion ;)



I appreciate Tiesto. He's a huge huge performer and somehow manages to keep things fresh.  I think the dude makes some good music but definitely has good taste in music. But I have to ask, who is this song for? Is Tiesto's fan base clamoring for a pretty chord heavy progressive house remix from Fred Falke? I can't imagine any of Tiesto's fans liking this. They'd just be like, "well, I'm gonna just listen to the original. It's like this but bigger and better." This track is good, though, and it's pretty goddamn cool of Tiesto to reach out to cool artists and pay them good money to remix his shit -- even though no one is ever really gonna listen to it but him.



Alan Braxe was always the star of the duo and it shows here. He definitely has the better remix of the two. But then again, it's kind of cheating as the Toxic Avenger is also French. Ain't nothing better than keeping remixes in country. No one knows how to remix the French better than the French. There must something in the water. This song is so patient and simple, but when the baseline kicks in at 2:15 it's so surprisingly heavy and unique and it ramps the song to a whole 'nother level. I would really love a French-House 2014 renaissance. Is this the song that does it?



CLEARLY Tiesto is getting ready for Ultra. This track has got a huge sound and a vocal sample that's going to get the kids to go fucking buck wild. It's got slight similarities to the biggest stuff on the Beatport Top 10, while simultaneously being just fresh enough to have actually enjoy it. Props to Alvaro (who I've always loved) and Tiesto (who I've always tolerated) for making something big, familiar and new. This song is gonna rip the fucking floors up at Ultra. Let's hear it for 20 more years of Tijs Michiel Verwest with his new re-invention as TST. lol. Or is TST just a sometimes thing?



Almost all good Progressive-House is a formula, so calling this song formulaic is not meant to be an insult. It's got the nice exciting builds, and drops with powerful white noise, pounding drums and punchy synth keys. It's formulaic in the best way possible. Much like that Cash Cash song that's all over the radio right now (I don't care enough to look up what it's called but you know what one I'm talking about.) In a dance music world dominated by Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike clones it's super fucking refreshing to hear something that sounds like 2012 again. 



Jack Beats have a sound like no other. I will be always able to pick the wobble of their bass out of a lineup of the world's seediest wobble bass criminals. This track has got a lot lower energy than I'm used to from the Jack Beats boys, though. It's nice to hear them going a little deepah. It's nice to hear a track from them that belongs more in a club than a festival. Hope this is the start to a rad new direction for them.



Tryin to end these lists for y'all on a mix. Keep ya listening, without having to read anymore (reading is SO fucking hard, right?)  Every once and a while a mix passes through your ear cavity that you cannot get enough of.  This Eli Escobar mix feels like a funky throwback to summa dat classic House Music shit. I love every piece of this mix and I can't stop listening to it. I hope that you do too and I'm not crazy. Cause I am CRAZY about this song and I really hope I'm not wrong and you enjoy it too, so I'm not crazy for being crazy about it. 


I love you guys, forever. Which song did you like most? Was it that Eli Escobar Mix? OH SHIT, I'm NOT crazy!!!!!!


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