I’m really glad to see you guys back this week. I know this was a tough one for the entire dance music community, but we’ve banded together and come out on the other side stronger, with better tastes in music and overall improved attitudes. Diplo has announced that he is trying to retire from the Diplo name. I know. I’m sorry. I am sure that is incredibly depressing to everyone under the age of 19. We will survive. We will march on in the name of EDM. We will not die tonight, no we will go on and continue our fight. Live Long and Rave and Prosper.

To make up for all the lost tears we’ve made sure to jam pack this week with picks with some hot fire and new tunes from Disclosure, Tiga & Boys Noize (collage), and Fehrplay. OMG! What a WEEK!



This song and video from KSHMR is a fun silly tribute to children horror films and their scores through the lens of festival trap. This is a really well produced track with a really fun melody that belongs in a Tim Burton film. The music video is cool as well— starting off as an animatic and turning into a legitimate horror movie. Let’s hope this music video gets optioned and we see KSHMR scoring horror movies come October.



Shit Robot teams up with the current king of musical silliness with the voice that could tame nations, Reggie Watts, and bangs out a dark disco banger with about 600 times more brain than any other song on the market today. Maybe I’m a bit biased, being part of the Reggie Watts fan club of America and all, but I love the man's voice and he adds so much to this already awesome Shit Robot track. 



The Disclosure boys are BACK, with a new track for the club and it hits SO FUCKING HARD. I know there’s been a lot of hate on this song in the public eye, but we at BitCandy think it’s absolute fire. Personally, I’m pretty over the pop / Sam Smith / AlunaGeorge Disclosure and I’ve been craving the brothers going back to the club. It seems like they may be leaning that way as of right now, dropping this new track that’s perfectly in line with that vision.



Kung turned the Axwell ^ Ingrosso progressive house banger into something beautiful, calming and tropical. Took all the bravado out of the original and turned its beautiful hook on its ear to craft a deep house tune that we’ll all be listening to poolside for the next coming months.



So two of the kings of acid and electro just teamed up and we should be throwing a fucking parade of fanfare for this track. Tiga and Boys Noize have worked together before, remixed each other and even played B2B but they’ve never made a track together and holy shit it is worth the wait. Boys Noize’s acid synths and slamming drums underline Tiga’s bumping baselines and silly vocal hooks. This track is pure unadulterated fun from two dudes who seem like they must have had a lot of fun making it.



Now even Armada is joining the arms race to have a sub-label focused on future and deep house. Remember from Lokate has got everything you need to have a hit track, cool ideas, banging drums, bumping bassline. This dude clearly knows how to produce his way out of a box and right into our hearts.



There is that grinding acid synth that has been missing from the scene for a little while. Throw it on top of a House & Bass bassline and progressive house builds and you can’t go wrong. This is a whole new type of MainStage music. Big Acid drops, groovy funky baselines. This song is gonna be a hit. Calling it now.



It’s pretty rad that the crossover between pride and mau5trap happens more and more each day. Here, the Pryda prodigy pops over to Mau5’s label and grants us with some beautiful, deep and dark prog that’s epic on so many levels. It’s nice to see young upstarts ignoring the trends and just making the music. This style has been around forever and it will continue to stay around thanks to Deadmau5, Eric Prydz and the very awesome Fehrplay. Keep doin' whatcha doin', dude.



This is probably the chillest house tune i’ve heard all year. Raeve is a french producer who CLEARLY is making chill-out house vibes with an amazing vocal hooks. Let’s keep this dude around see if chill-house is here to stay. Don’t buy into tropical house or pool house or beach house, no Raeve— stay with the chill house. It’s too chill to have beef with.



Okay, everyone shit their pants when Porter Robinson dropped his remix of the Thrill at Coachella, but to me it just sounded like porter making music pretty generic to the world sounds he’s been playing out. It’s still pretty good but kind of forgettable. But then this TCTS remix pops up on my news feed. With its chopped vocals and garage drums, this track is a fucking fire. Here’s the remix we should all be talking about. Porter Robinson can eat a dick (jk, i love him). I'm just over-exaggerating because of my excitement over this TCTS remix.


So tomorrow is Tuesday, right? Let’s get a burrito?


"Diplo" by Jeremy Perez Photos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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