Top EDM Songs - Week 35 (10 Favs) 2013


Are you ready for more of the best dance music from around the internet? You’d better be, cuz that’s what you’re getting. Here at, we don’t care if it’s EDM, electro, techno, or trap: if it’s good, we’ll play it. Unless it involves Miley Cyrus. We won’t play anything with her in it...but who knows...the way things are heading she’ll probably join Paris Hilton for an DJ world tour.


Major Lazer - Scare Me feat. Peaches & Timberlee

We’re hoping that Major Lazer makes it into the new Mortal Kombat movie. I’m sure they could make his backstory twerk, uhh, work.


Digitialism - Electric Fist

Listen to Digitalism’s wonderfully electro single from their forthcoming EP, Lift. While it boasts their signature distortion, there is something very light about this track. Listen to the high end: does that synth remind you of Ratatat?



This track kicks off with a spiritual, and while it’s far from godly it’s still pretty damn righteous.


DVBBS & Borgeous - Tsunami (Stephan Jacobs Remix) [Free Download]

We know you all love free downloads. Get this one today! This remix of “Tsunami” uses a symphonic build up, making you think it would drop to a four on the floor beat, like something from Knife Party. Instead, it’s a slow dub beat that crushes everything in its path.


The Crystal Method - Lucian [Free Download]

omfgwtfbbq?!?! New CRYSTAL METHOD! And it’s a for a video game?! Even better!! We can’t wait for their upcoming album.


Popeska - Army

New electro house with soaring lead lines from Popseka. Make sure you check this one out.


Popeska - The New Kings Feat. Luciana (Bang Bang Pew Pew) (Wolfgang Garter Edit)

More from Popseka, but this time it’s a Wolfgang Gartner edit. Wolfgang adds some of his signature whirrs and beeps, upping the aggression and making it even more badass.


This is Maps - NEW GEOMETRY No.2

Living between genres, this mix escapes classification. At times it’s chill, at times it turns pumps up the volume. Overall, it’s a great way to spend 35 minutes.


Sidney Samson & Leroy Styles - YLB - Preview

Ahhh, previews aka a dance music cocktease… We have a few for you this week. First up is “YLB” which is a banger of a track. It’s got about everything it needs to be successful in the club scene.


Kroy Club - The High Priest w. Your Ol' Lady

The next preview is from Kroy Club, who makes their debut on bitcandy. It’s dark and heavy without going over the top. They have a bunch of these teasers out for their upcoming LP, Raw Rave 54.


Aurra - Forever (J Paul Getto Remix) [Salsoul / Ultra Records]

J Paul Getto once again finds the perfect mix between disco and house, making something that could get your 60 year old dad dancing like John Travolta.


That’s all the top dance music we have for this week. Check back later for more of our Curated handpicked songs from around the web. Have something we should know about? Tell us here: