It's Monday morning, your life sucks, then along comes BitCandy with the top indie songs of the week and bam! Everything is awesome! You might be back in the office, you might be working nine to five, you might be getting a hard time off your boss, but there's a party going on in your head and only the cool kidz are invited! Cool kidz like Låpsley, FMLYBND and Yung Jake - just some of the artists I have for you today. So grab your Beats by Dre, turn up the volume and tell that jackass boss of yours to “go to hell!” (again if only in your head) as it's time to dance!



So this is what it must be like to be best friends with Låpsley. A girl can dream! Anywayz, “yay!” for this video (which she co-directed with Cherise Payne) as “Brownlow” is probably my favorite song on the 18-year-old British producer's Understudy EP. The vocal acrobatics combined with the agonizing stretches of silences make for an almost out-of-body listening experience - the kind you have in a cab home after a long night of partying.



In January, BitCandy favorites FMLYBND announced they were going to be taking a leaf out of Oh Wonder's book and releasing one song a month. First up, we had the club banger “Letting Go,” and at the end of February, the Isla Vista band returned with “Air.” Admittedly, it's not as likely to get you on the dancefloor as their previous jam, but that's because it reveals a more brooding, introspective and cerebral side to the multi-talented four-piece, who you can catch on tour with Milky Chance throughout May.



As if it has taken me four years to discover Yung Jake? Clearly I haven't been “on my datamosh!” If you haven't either, then press play and prepare to LOLZ. And if you have, then press play anywayz because the rapper-turned-emoji artist's jokes still hold up after all this time.



Brittany Holljes of Delta Rae looks and sounds like an angel. Being the fangirl that I am, I don't compare singers to Kate Bush lightly, but Brittany's vocal chops are definitely on a par with the British legend. This performance of “Run” filmed at Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport is utterly majestic. April and the release of the Durham band's sophomore album, After it All, can't come soon enough!



How I feel about “Buck-Toothed Particle Smashers” and the rest of British pop alchemist Clarence Clarity's debut album No Now can only be described by this GIF and this GIF alone:

I feel like i'm taking crazy pills



Four years after signing to Atlantic Records, Meg Myers is finally releasing her debut album Sorry this summer, and judging by the impressive title song, it was definitely worth the wait. Bringing together ferocious, industrial production and the Nashville chanteuse's fierce, dynamic vocals, it's badass kind of like Alanis Morisette was badass circa Jagged Little Pill - and that's a massive compliment.



Introducing Sheer Mag, a hard rocking quintet who count seventies legends such as Thin Lizzy and Lynyrd Skynyrd among their influences. Sound good? Fuck yeah they do! Fronted by Christine Halliday, the Philly band don't have much of an online presence as yet because they're too busy causing a ruckus on the live scene, but you can check out their debut EP 7” - featuring the gloriously chugging “Hard Lovin” - alongside their upcoming tour dates over at BandCamp.



This is giving me goosebumps! I'm not sure what it is about the French and electronic music, but damn, do they do it like no other! Vague Wave are no exception! The Parisian duo have been together for under a year and already proved themselves to be some of the most exciting producers in the game. “Someday,” Paul Blaise and Ivann Charageat's third song so far, hears them turn their attention to future beats. Bringing together euphoric vocals, incandescent synths and skittering percussion, it's bursting with good vibes that are sure to get you through the working week.


Thanks for listening! Party on! x

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