Best New Vids-Die Antwoord "Cookie Thumper"


WARNING: If you plan on watching today’s best music video, you’re going to need to down a couple of shots of rubbing alcohol to cleanse yourself from all the freaky WTF-ness because Die Antwoord’s latest hot mess, “Cookie Thumper,” is pushing borders. But of course, this should be of no surprise to you.

The video directed by Ninja will have you either rolling your eyes and sighing thinking this just another video for perverts, or jumping up and down in excitement cuz Yo-landi Vi$$er got a boob job. But I’ll totally let you decide how to interpret the story of an orphan girl who likes to smoke killer ganja, pee her panties, and run around as a booty call for an ex inmate. I hope I’ve mentally prepared you for what you are about to watch.

Die Antwoord - "Cookie Thumper" (Official Video)

I’d be lying if I told you I knew what Yolandi was saying, so just in case you felt a bit lost with lyrics, Die Antwoord has provided a full translation for us via Noisey. Die Antwoord’s album, Donker Mag, will be dropping early 2014 and yes, ‘Cookie Thumper’ will be included.